A True Testament to our Toughness!

Denby devotees often message us about the endurance of their Denby... from house fires to gas explosions! Here is one story we have received...

In 1984 Phil worked on the build of a Service Reservoir near Blackburn. During the construction of a mile-long access road a truck was discharging 20 tonnes of brick hardcore and Phil noticed a mug handle in the rubble. Phil plucked it out assuming it would be broken and to his surprise it was intact! After a good scrub Phil saw our Denby stamp and recently got in touch with us for more details.

Phil found this 1970s Castile mug in 1984 from our Renaissance Collection and has been using it ever since!

We hear many remarkable stories from our fans far and wide.

A Denby fan got in touch with us from the USA whose entire house was lost in Hurricane Katrina. Subsequently the only remains she recognised in the ground were that of her Denby set. Most of it was unharmed.

Get in touch if you too have experienced the brilliant resistance of Denby.

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