Choosing tableware can sometimes feel like a daunting process, especially if you are compiling you Wedding Gift List, so we have some tips below to help...

Think about occasion: whether you need items for 'everyday' (family mealtimes, weekday lunches, leisurely breakfasts), 'informal occasions, (Friday night takeaway, friends for lunch, impromptu gatherings) or for 'entertaining' (friends for dinner, Sunday lunch, coffee morning).

Consider what sort of style will suit your home - bold, calm or neutral, with or without decoration. Decide if you want all-matching items or mix and match.

Denby is safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer and has handy design features built in to many items: stack-ability, for easier storage, and multi-function. It's also designed to withstand everyday life so your tableware becomes an investment and not the false economy that buying cheaper tableware can often be. Think about whether these are the features you need for your tableware.

STONEWARE - Denby stoneware clay is very strong. It's fully vitrified which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance.

PORCELAIN - Similar in strength to stoneware, porcelain has a more translucent body and a cool blue-white colour.

BONE CHINA - Bone china has a pure white translucency and is also fully vitrified, so like stoneware, it's surprisingly tough.

FINE CHINA - Monsoon fine china is soft cream in colour and is also fully vitrified, so it's functional and versatile as well as being beautiful and elegant.

If you're looking to add a complete set to your Gift List, then our handy list of items to consider will help. Look out for Denby Boxed Sets and Occasion Sets which mean you can complete your collection over time or create a standalone collection for a particular occasion.

Please click here to see our handy item list.