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    Cast Iron 28cm Reversible Pizza Griddle

    Width: 28cm, Length: 35cm, Height: 2cm, Weight: 3.2kg

    was 65.00

    Now 52.00

    Halo Cast Iron 20cm Round Casserole

    Width: 20cm, Length: 25cm, Height: Base: 9cm, With Lid: 14cm, Capacity: 2.4L, Weight: 3.4kg

    was 95.00

    Now 76.00

    Halo Cast Iron 24cm Round Casserole

    Width: 24cm, Length: 31cm, Height: Base: 11cm, With Lid: 16cm, Capacity: 4L, Weight: 5.1kg

    was 115.00

    Now 92.00

    Halo Cast Iron 26cm Round Casserole

    Width: 26cm, Length: 33cm, Height: Base 12cm, with lid: 18cm, Capacity: 5.2L, Weight: 6kg

    was 130.00

    Now 104.00

    Halo Cast Iron 30cm Shallow Casserole

    Width: 30cm, Length: 37cm, Height with lid: 14cm, Capacity: 3.8L, Weight: 5.8kg

    was 125.00

    Now 100.00