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    Always Entertaining Deli 4 Piece Coupe Dinner Plate Set

    Contains 4 X Coupe Dinner Plates
    Dimension: Coupe Plate 27.5cm

    was £50.00

    Now £40.00

    Heritage Piazza Deep Noodle Bowl

    The Piazza range features beautifully feminine pale pink tones. This deep noodle bowl is great for keeping things warmer (or cooler) for longer. It has a large capacity and stacks neatly for easy storage. The range includes pieces which are tough enough for everyday and stunning enough for best.

    A beautiful and functional deep noodle bowl from Denby’s Heritage Piazza range.
    Ideal for: noodles, soup and rice dishes.
    Also great as: a plant pot holder, a receptacle for keys and change in the hall.


    Always Entertaining Deli 4 Piece Medium Coupe Plate Set

    Contains 4 x Medium Coupe Plates
    Dimensions: Coupe Plate 21.5cm x 7cm


    Always Entertaining Deli 4 Piece Pasta Bowl Set

    Contains 4 x Pasta Bowls.
    Dimensions: Pasta Bowl 21.5cm x 7cm


    Always Entertaining Deli 4 Piece Medium Shallow Bowl Set

    • Contains: 4 x Shallow Bowls
    • Dimensions: Shallow Bowl 15.5cm x 4cm