Celebrate the craftsmanship of Denby Halo - this distinct style is created by applying two tones of glaze which merge, achieving unique results that will look great in your home.

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  • Halo 16 Piece Dinner Set

    A distinctive and modern design, Halo is a stunning and durable stoneware collection. Halo exhibits varying glazes which have been combined to create a mesmerising final effect. Produced from the highest-quality clay at Denby Pottery, the 16 Piece Tableware Set has been designed to last.

    Including 4 x Dinner Plates, 4 x Small Plates, 4 x Cereal Bowls and 4 x Small Mugs, this Set contains everything needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add a sophisticated sense of style to any table setting with this extensive Set.

    Our price £190.00

  • Halo Dinner Plate

    Handcrafted at Denby Pottery, Halo is a two-tone design made from the highest-quality clay. Featuring vibrant glazes, Halo is an eye-catching stoneware collection that is exceedingly durable and strong. The Halo Dinner Plate is perfect for lunchtimes, teatimes and weekend dinners.

    A statement piece, the Dinner Plate displays a patterned rim and neutral centre. This shape can also be used in the oven and microwave for warming dishes up, as well as being safe for use in the dishwasher.

    Our price £14.00

  • Halo Medium Plate

    Crafted from locally-sourced clay at Denby Pottery, Halo is a true work of art. Utilising two glazes, Halo displays a bold contrast of colours. Beautiful and functional, the Halo Medium Plate is an ideal size for serving breakfast, lunch and desserts.

    From jam toast to chicken salad, the Medium Plate is an everyday piece featuring a distinctive design. The resilient glaze will protect against everyday wear and also makes it suitable for use in the oven and microwave.

    Our price £11.75

  • Halo Small Plate

    Halo is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, speckled finish. Produced at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo has been handcrafted to the highest-standard. The Halo Small Plate features a distinctive patterned rim and clean white centre.

    Beautifully strong and functional, the Small Plate is suitable for use in the oven and microwave. Use this piece for enjoying breakfast, starters and side dishes. It can also be utilised as a lid to cover food and as a smart stand for a small potted plant.

    Our price £10.00

  • Halo Extra Large Plate

    Two tones of special glaze are expertly fused together to create the stunning Halo effect. A distinctive design, Halo is a beautiful and functional stoneware range. The largest Plate in the range, the Extra Large Plate is suitable for serving and eating.

    The vibrant colours of this Halo Plate will brighten up any table, and create a stunning backdrop to any culinary creation. A versatile tableware piece, the Extra Large Plate can be used at every occasion.

    Our price £25.50

  • Halo Small Deep Plate

    Combining generations of skill and craftsmanship with contemporary design, Halo has been crafted from the highest- quality clay. Exhibiting a speckled effect, Halo has a strong and durable glaze that promises longevity. The Halo Small Deep Plate is the perfect piece for serving breads, dips, oils and olives.

    The Small Deep Plate features a curved edge, creating a beautiful and practical shape. Serve up starters and appetisers in this stylish Small Deep Plate or use for enjoying a small mid-day snack. It is also safe for use in the dishwasher.

    Our price £12.00

  • Halo Medium Deep Plate

    Halo is a contemporary collection made from locally- sourced clay. Handcrafted at Denby Pottery, Halo has been designed with a distinctive glaze and a speckled finish. The hardwearing glaze will protect against everyday wear and maintain its depth of colour. The Halo Medium Deep Plate is perfect for everyday use.

    Use for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Medium Deep Plate is a versatile size featuring an eye-catching design. From salads to pasta dishes, this Plate is a functional piece that will add an element of style to your tableware. Pair with the Halo Small Deep Plate for a consistent look.

    Our price £14.00

  • Halo Cereal Bowl

    Incorporating two tones of glaze, Halo is a diverse design made from the highest-quality stoneware clay. Produced at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo is a contemporary tableware range that promises to last. The Halo Cereal Bowl is an essential kitchen piece that can be used for enjoying a range of different foods.

    Highly versatile and visually beautiful, the Cereal Bowl can be used for porridge, soup and puddings. The dark exterior makes it a statement piece that will add style to your table. Ideal for everyday use, this Cereal Bowl features a durable and hardwearing glaze that will protect against wear and tear.

    Our price £12.25

  • Halo Wide Rimmed Cereal Bowl

    Halo has been handcrafted at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire utilising expertise passed down from generations of craftsmen. Displaying a two-tone glaze, Halo is a dramatic design that reflects Denby’s time-honoured skill. The Halo Wide Rimmed Cereal Bowl features a decorative rim and crisp white centre.

    A beautiful and functional shape, the Wide Rimmed Cereal Bowl is ideal for cereal, soups, salads and desserts. The resilient glazed will protect against wear and maintain its unique hue. Safe for use in the oven and microwave, the Wide Rimmed Cereal Bowl is a versatile and practical tableware piece.

    Our price £14.00

  • Halo Pasta Bowl

    Denby’s unique Halo collection is formed of the highest- quality clay. Strong and elegant, the popular Halo range has been handcrafted at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire. Utilising generations of skill and craftsmanship, Denby was able to create Halo’s distinctive two-tone effect by layering contrastive glazes. The Halo Pasta Bowl is a capacious Bowl, perfect for enjoying pasta, noodles, rice as well as pies and salads.

    A highly versatile piece, the Pasta Bowl reflects the recent trend of eating out of Bowls instead of Plates. Incorporating a strong glaze and a beautiful design, the Pasta Bowl is suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions.

    Our price £16.50

  • Halo Small Bowl

    Distinct in colour and pattern, Halo has been crafted at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, using the highest-quality clay. Showcasing a speckled effect, Halo portrays Denby time- honoured know-how. The Halo Small Bowl is a functional Bowl, ideal for rice, side dishes, dahls and curry accompaniments.

    A beautiful, muted hued Bowl, the Small Bowl can also be used for dips, condiments, olives and nuts. The eye-catching glaze is also exceedingly durable and promises to protect against everyday use.

    Our price £9.25

  • Halo Rice Bowl

    A sophisticated collection, Halo is a decorative pattern featuring contrastive glazes. With the ability to modernise any home, Halo is a beautiful and functional tableware range. The Halo Rice Bowl is a durable piece, perfect for serving rice, noodles, starters, side dishes and small desserts.

    The hardwearing glaze will protect against wear, and maintain its striking colour. Composed of the highest- quality clay, the Rice Bowl has been made to last. Present with the Halo Noodle Bowl for a considered look.

    Our price £14.00

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