Introducing Denby’s Great British BBQ

Introducing Denby’s Great British BBQ

Introducing Denby’s Great British BBQ

It doesn’t have to be sunny.

It doesn’t even have to be warm.

It doesn’t even have to be dry ….any excuse to fire up the BBQ and we are there.

Living in the UK we have all got stories of standing at the barbeque, tongs in one hand and an umbrella in the other. I can even tell you about one of my daughters birthday parties, when she had me barbequing in the garage, with the garage doors open … In November!

For me a BBQ is all about great tasting food and drink shared with friends. Going ‘al fresco’ allows you to break down the rules, be as casual as you like in the way that you serve and eat the food, and Denby is perfect for that. It’s all about having fun!

The Denby made in England heritage is a big part of what makes the pottery so special so it is only fitting that we get the meat and vegetables from our local butcher and greengrocers. Not only is the quality fantastic but they are so friendly and helpful and always keen to give their own recommendations for a great barbeque.

Having worked at Denby for the past 28 years I do have a rather eclectic range of pottery. From old to new patterns as well as some great studio pieces from my favourite potters. A BBQ is the ideal place to bring out some of my much loved items.

The humble bowl really comes into its own at a BBQ and of course we have a great range of sizes and colours to choose from. The small rice bowl is just right for dips and nibbles or the pasta bowl is an excellent serving bowl for potato salad or guacamole.

Featuring our Denby Bowls Collection.

Don’t be afraid to use your Denby outside. We all know that pottery is not indestructible but Denby really is made of strong stuff and should be used for any occasion both indoors and out. The rich glazes look fantastic in the sun and help to make the food look even better.

Featuring our Denby Heritage range.

Denby can be used throughout the whole process….. Whether it’s the preparing of the food, carrying bits and pieces outside, cooking of course, serving, eating and then storing some of the leftovers …. How great is that!

Featuring our Denby Heritage Orchard Plates.

We are still talking about how tasty the burgers were and how the peaches were to ‘die for’ which inspires me to search out exciting, new recipes ready for the next barbeque.

Featuring our classic Denby Imperial Blue range.

This month, to celebrate our love for all things barbecue, we’ll be bringing you four weeks of delicious barbecue recipes from some of our favourite foodie bloggers. Watch this space!

Do you have a favourite barbecue-related memory? Share your stories in the comments below, and look out for our fantastic BBQ recipe series starting next week.

Author Bio: Richard Eaton is our Design Director here at Denby in Derbyshire. Living locally, he seized the opportunity of a warm, sunny day and treated his team of Designers to a barbeque at his home. Naturally his Bernese Mountain dog "Roxy" and cat "Minnie" were not going to be left out!

Also Featuring Roxy.....

And Minnie.....

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