James Martin's Gruyère and Bacon Sandwich

James Martin's Gruyère and Bacon Sandwich

Pan Fried Gruyere and Bacon Brioche Sandwich

Witnessing James Martin assemble this far from healthy take on the classic ‘bacon butty’ during his live cookery demonstration here at Denby bowled us over with equal amounts of desire and dietary distress signals.

”This recipe originates not from France but from the USA. A baker friend of mine made this for breakfast. They have great streaky bacon out there, a sort of maple cured stuff that gets nice and crispy. I use pancetta instead, it’s a proper hangover cure and trust me I needed it that day, sort of a breakfast sandwich but quicker.”James Martin

Serves 4

12 Rashers of Dry-Cured Streaky Bacon Pancetta
8 Slices of Brioche
200g Gruyère (sliced)
3 Eggs
200ml Whole Milk
50g Unsalted Butter


Heat a griddle pan until hot, add the bacon and cook on either side for two minutes until crispy and cooked through. Place on kitchen paper to drain.
Lay four slices of the brioche on a board, top with the Gruyère cheese and divide the crispy bacon between them. Top with the remaining four slices of brioche and press down lightly.
Place the eggs and milk into a shallow wide bowl and whisk to combine, then dip the sandwiches into the mixture and leave each to soak for a few seconds.
Heat a large frying pan until medium hot, add half the butter and, when it’s just foaming, add two of the soaked sandwiches and fry gently until golden brown and heated through.
Serve straight away or keep warm on a tray in a low oven while you cook the remaining sandwiches in the remaining butter.

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