Making a Naked Cake with Little Bear Cakery

We recently held a bridal press event in London, and showcased our beautiful bridal collections alongside stunning cakes, created by Little Bear Cakery.

Clare from Little Bear Cakery is a trained chef in Professional Cookery, Patisserie and Confectionery, and during her time working in the catering industry, realised that she had a talent for cake decoration. In 2011, Clare setup the Little Bear Cakery and started baking celebration cakes, taking inspiration from her interest in textures and alternative materials.

Little Bear Cakery has since been featured on blogs including Love My Dress, Wedding Chicks, Rock My Wedding and The Wedding Bazaar, and is recognised for distinctive and delicious wedding cakes. Clare only uses the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients including free-range eggs, Callebaut Belgian chocolate, vanilla seeds fresh from the pod and luxury preserves and curds.

For our event, Clare prepared a set of cakes to represent the different collections. For our neutral Natural Canvas collection, Clare crafted an iced cake featuring the roulette detailing and an iced naked cake adorned with fruit, nuts and flowers.

With naked cakes being a key wedding trend this season, Clare provided us with some helpful hints and tips to create the perfect naked cake:

- Bake the cakes 2 days before the event. Leaving the sponges to rest overnight will make them easier to slice the next day

- Soak the inside layers of sponge with a light sugar syrup to keep them lovely and moist. I boil a 2:1 ratio of water:sugar with a vanilla pod until the sugar has dissolved. Once dissolved, leave the syrup to cool and then lightly brush the sponges with the syrup before layering with buttercream

- Slice and fill your cakes the day before the event. Letting the cakes rest again overnight will ensure a more stable cake when it comes to stacking

- Each tier should be assembled on a 3mm cake board to ensure a nice sturdy cake when it comes to stacking

- Finally, don't forget to dowel your cake as you would for any other tiered cake. Transport your tiers individually and assemble the cake in situ. Adhere each tier with a small amount of buttercream and decorate with fruit and flowers as you desire with a final dusting of icing sugar.

For more cake inspiration, visit Clare at Little Bear Cakery.
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