The New Health Foods

Purple vegetables, seaweed, grains, coconut flour and sugar are anticipated to be some of the most popular health foods to eat and enjoy this year. Luckily, these ingredients can make for a range of tantalising dishes that are visually pleasing and appetising to taste.

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, purple vegetables are the new green veg! Ultimately showcasing the nutritional benefit of darker coloured foods, purple vegetables help to combat disease, reduce inflammation and improve heart health. Introducing them into your diet is easy keep an eye out for aubergines, purple cauliflower, corn, sweet potatoes and asparagus. On a side note, they will certainly brighten up your dinnertime Instagram photo! Plate up your veggies on a Halo Medium Deep Plate for the perfect contemporary backdrop.

Japanese cuisine is on the rise and seaweed is amongst the top food trends in 2017. Enjoy it as a quick and easy snack in the form of seaweed crisps or as a main meal in seaweed pasta or as a flavoursome topping to your salad our Imperial Blue 7 Piece Asian Set is ideal for serving your favourite international dishes.

Continuing on from the growth of bowl food, filling your cupboards with grains and pulses including quinoa, lentils and couscous can enable you to create simple and nutritious meals that will give you more energy, and avoid the over-full carbohydrate feeling. Start with your grain or pulse of choice, layer with vegetables and protein and finish with a sauce. Serve in one of our eye-catching Nesting Bowls and eat with a fork or spoon.

Gluten-free and high in protein, coconut flour is a great choice for guilt-free baking, and gives a subtle coconut taste. In addition, coconut sugar is a natural unrefined sugar, made from the sap of coconut tree flowers. Substituting cane sugar for coconut sugar in your banana bread or brownie mix is a guaranteed way to lower your unnatural sugar intake. Mix up your sweet treats using coconut flour and sugar in a Heritage Veranda Serving Bowl, and present to your guests on our Heritage Pavilion Large Rectangular Platter.

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