The Smoothie

Smoothies are a nutritious option when searching for the perfect breakfast, mid-day snack or dessert. Quick, easy to make, and versatile in their ingredients, smoothies can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

From blueberries and almonds to cacao and honey, you are able to tailor smoothies to your preferred taste. With research showing that fruit and vegetables can help you to live longer, look better and protect the body against health issues, the importance of incorporating these foods into your diet becomes apparent. For instance, according to scientific findings, berries are integral in protecting the heart and eliminating joint inflammation, bananas can help to lower blood pressure and boost your metabolism and avocados can help to improve cholesterol levels.

Our Design team have created a delicious blend of porridge, strawberries, apple, banana, frozen forest fruits, cashew nuts, oat milk, vanilla flavouring and chia seeds. This smoothie is ideal for enjoying as your breakfast meal, providing you with an abundance of nutrients and energy for the day ahead. For a sweeter version, use bananas, peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, honey and dark cocoa powder; add ice to serve cold.

Present in style by serving the smoothie in an oversized Glass, Bowl or Ramekin, depending on whether you are enjoying it as part of your morning routine or as a guilt-free treat after dinner.

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