200 Years of Denby - Infographic

200 Years of Denby - Infographic
Denby Infographic


The start of Denby's long and famous history with Joseph Bourne at the helm. Our early wares are bottles and jars to hold essential liquids, such as mineral water, inks and medicines. We also produce some fine pieces of 'sprigg' ware. The raw material is sourced from an exceptional seam of clay, which is to serve us for centuries to come. We make a lifelong commitment to quality, durability, design and innovation - something we are still dedicated to today


Denby is despatched by canal and then by train from Derby Rail Station. Denby has storage close to St Pancras Station.


The Ford Model T is invented! Officially the most influential car of the 20th century, it popularises cars in both the UK and America. But passengers get cold feet! In response, we produce ‘the motor warmer’ to keep drivers warm on long, chilly journeys – we love keeping the country cosy.


Another classic is born! Our famous Nevva-drip Teapot. To this day, our most iconic - and longest-running.


The Roaring ‘20s – we introduce the beautifully English Cottage Blue cookware. A real contrast to the traditional brown glazes, bringing us into the limelight for trend-setting, reflecting the mood of the time and brightening up kitchens all over the world.


Getting back to our country roots, we create our favourite animal characters in pottery form! Presenting: Byngo the dog and Marmaduke the rabbit. Who could resist?


Throughout a difficult time for Britain, Europe and beyond, we pitch in and roll up our sleeves with everyone else, we retain our reliability and dependence. We make telegraphic insulators to keep allied communication links open and refresh the Armed forces, by making teapots for the Naafi and rum bottles for the Navy. (Keep calm and carry on!)


We begin hand-decorating our fabulous tableware and Albert Colledge designs our Greenwheat range which proves so popular, it’s made up until 1977. We launch ‘Tigo ware’ – taking Denby in a whole new direction.


A cultural revolution is taking place but we’re still here, crafting beautiful pottery for families all over the world. We get busy creating some real style icons - look out for our Glynbourne vases and Arabesque coffee servers from this era!


Ah, disco.
We celebrate the ‘70s with our glassware launch with designs reflecting the shapes and colours of our tableware.


The launch of yet another Denby classic
. Say hello to Imperial Blue – a modern design for a modern era.


A new millennium and we’re still going strong.
Happy New Year!


We launch our first range of china, inspired by the neutral, simple interiors trends of the times. So chic!


James Martin gets on board to create the ultimate range of cookware and serveware. As if we couldn’t love Saturday Kitchen any more! He is still working closely with us to make the most of your Denby dinner parties.


Happy birthday to us! 200 years of Denby Pottery…
Birthday party anyone?
We’ll bring the plates!


We grow our Denby family, and welcome Burleigh and Poole Pottery to our clan, further supporting the amazing industry of pottery in the UK – all still proudly Made in England.


Today, we are proud of our favourite designs whilst continuing to move forward! From the classic Imperial Blue to the incredible Halo design. We are constantly evolving and re-inventing our collections without compromise to meet your changes in lifestyle.

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