Bank Holiday Preparation

The May Bank Holiday is just around the corner, and we welcome the time for an extended break. Whether you are arranging a quiet few days at home or a great dinner party with an abundance of friends and family, making sure that you have all of your home comforts in place, will guarantee a smooth and stylish break.

Consider stocking up on flowers and foliage to ensure that your home looks and feels both bright and beautiful, and reflects the current spring season. Enhance the style of your home with a Jug holding your latest favoured florals, positioned as a centre- piece on your dining table or arranged on windowsills and coffee tables. Mixing varying sizes of Jugs can add interest and exude a neat and considered look; this style also complements mixed flowers, try combining tulips and roses for added shape, colour and fragrance.

Whilst organising your culinary plans over the long weekend, also focus on sprucing up your table décor. Using ornate Sugar Bowls to hold appetisers, horderves and dips can work well; they also offer you the perfect container for serving your morning yogurt or a small selection of fruit. For dinner, serve your main dishes on assorted Platters positioned centrally on the table. This serving arrangement offers a diverse approach to dining, and allows for sharing.

For a smart and simple place setting, incorporate your basic Cutlery, a Dinner Plate – traditionally used as an under-plate to hold the first course, a water glass, a wine glass and folded napkin for a touch of elegance. For a more detailed and formal occasion, display your Dinner Plate with the napkin placed on top of the Plate, two forks, a dinner knife, a Salad Plate positioned to the left of the forks, two spoons – reduced to one dependent on whether you are serving soup, your required number of glasses for water and wine, a Bread Plate, with a butter knife and a Cup and Saucer for after-dinner coffee.

For post dinner, lazy brunches or afternoon catch-ups this weekend, use a Cafetiere to serve your freshly ground coffee. Utilising a Cafetiere to serve your coffee is a bespoke method of enjoying this fine, intense refreshment. It gives you control over the taste and timing, and ultimately presents you with an aesthetically pleasing piece that looks exquisite when displayed alongside your Coffee Cups.

Photo credit: @ramblingroseflowers.
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