Beautiful Baking

The Great British Bake Off is back, and with it brings new baking challenges, recipes and ingredients. Every year, we find ourselves inspired by the variety of breads, cakes and desserts created by the team of GBBO bakers. They push culinary boundaries to produce the most eye-catching and flavoursome bakes, and as we witness their successes and mistakes, are motivated to head into the kitchen to mix up our own creations.

The first week of GBBO is ‘Cake Week’, so we can expect to see everything from your classic Victoria sponge to chocolate filled and fruit layered cakes. In order to start recreating the featured recipes, and take the opportunity to develop our bakes, we’ve devised a checklist to make sure that you have everything that you need to bake with ease and style:

Mixing/Serving Bowls – choose a bowl in a stunning hue to combine your ingredients.

Dessert Bowl – use this versatile bowl for holding ingredients, and serving and eating.

From Whisks to Wooden Spoons - your utensils are key.

Springform Cake Tins – these are ideal for ensuring a perfect bake. The spring feature will quickly and easily release cakes, preventing any splitting.

Cupcake Tins – split your mixture evenly in these cupcake tins to create small and delicious cakes and muffins.

Baking Sheets – great for baking scones, cookies and eclairs on.

Loaf Tins – bake up your favourite banana bread or fruit loaf in these tins.

Platters – display your sweet treats, and create a table centrepiece with our handcrafted range of food platters.

Cake Stands – arrange your fresh cakes on an elegantly patterned cake stand, and enjoy in the style of afternoon tea.
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