Creating your Wedding Gift List

Putting together your gift list is an exciting activity in the run-up to your big day; it traditionally happens around three months prior to your wedding giving plenty of time for your guests to make their purchases and arrange deliveries. The gift list is an important exercise, which is best done together in order to truly contemplate what you are going to need in your new marital lives.

Depending on your life stage, you may already have your essential tableware but are instead looking to own some high- quality cookware. Alternatively, you may be moving in together for the first time and are looking to attain some basic gifts including a full dinner set, cutlery and everyday cookware. When compiling the list, it is important to think long- term, and consider what gifts would make both beautiful and practical additions to your home. Furthermore, you must also include an assortment of gifts at contrastive prices, to suit your varying guestís budgets.

It is up to you as to whether your gift list extends over a variety of categories, or maintains a single theme such as cookware. Perhaps if you feel that you have all of the kitchen utensils and cookware that you need, but have always dreamed of owning an extensive tableware set to suit every occasion, then opting for a themed gift list may work extraordinarily well.

Ultimately, your gift list is what you and your partner have always dreamed of receiving Ė donít panic if you have chosen items of great value, there is always the option for guests to organise to purchase a gift as a group. Also bear in mind that you do not want to double up on items, so be specific when detailing your list.

Enjoy the process of putting this special list together and donít forget to keep a note of who bought which item to assist you when writing thank- you cards.
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