Fan Q&A with James Martin at Denby

Fan Q&A with James Martin at Denby

Fan Q&A with James Martin at Denby

We put your questions to James Martin during his recent visit to Denby Pottery Visitor Centre in Derbyshire. Here's what he had to say....

What unusual (but sweet and tasty) apple-based desert has WOW factor? By Ceejay Suto on Facebook
French Apple Tart is always a good one as it contains two types of apple. Generally in the UK you would use Bramley apples and then eating apples for sweetness. In France they use a different combination of apples to get the bitterness.

Apart from Yorkshire puddings, whatís your favourite Yorkshire dish to cook? By Karen Dowthwaite on Facebook.
It has to be Fish and Chips!

As a dog and food lover, do you whip up special treats for your pets? I've a greyhound and a lab and they do love their food! By Anne Dalzell on Facebook.
I do yes! I make liver cake. You put all the ingredients in a blender, add some flour and then bake it in the oven for one hour. Itís great for obedience training.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Chef as I have a teenage son who loves inventing his own recipes? By Dawn Floodgate on Facebook.
Donít do it! Become a plumber! (James Laughs)

If you had to give up cheese or butter what would it be? By Louise A Can on Facebook.
I couldnít survive if I had to give either of them up!

What is your food heaven and hell? By Claire Scott on Facebook.
Food heaven would be Langoustines. Hell would be Horseradish! Itís horrific stuff!

Whatís the biggest kitchen disaster youíve had? By @xxxelliebellyxx on Twitter.
We did a wedding once which put me off catering weddings forever! It was a 600 person event marquee and we had everything with us apart fromÖ the gas for the stoves! So the duck was the same temperature when it came out to be served as when it went in! The speeches were brought forward, I promptly went on stage to do a lecture between courses and thankfully nobody knew what had happened.

Do you ever order takeaway? If so, whatís your first choice? By @LucieAutismMum on Twitter.
Thereís an Indian restaurant near where I live which is my favourite takeaway.

Whatís your favourite pie filling? By @angep1969 on Twitter.
Beef is my favourite or beef and onion.

In over a decade of the Saturday Kitchen show, whatís your favourite blooper?! By Ian Boucher on Facebook.
Getting ĎRick Steiní and Ďdelicious spotted dickí wrong! It gave Rick Stein the biggest compliment!

What sort of judge would you be if you were on The Great British Bake Off? Super-critical or soft and kind? By Margaret Abram on Facebook.
I think Iíd be fairly critical as Iíve been a pastry chef for years. I think itís important to be judgemental but also to know what youíre talking about.

Do you have a 'traditional' Christmas dinner or something different? By Jacqui Lewis on Facebook.
I HATE turkey, so I always do roast pork and roast beef at Christmas.

What combination of herbs and spices do you use when cooking your Christmas ham? By Melanie Devine on Facebook.
Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, then use honey to glaze it. Maple syrup is a good alternative as honey tends to burn quickly.

Thank you to everyone who sent a question for James. We received hundreds of requests and wished that James had more time to answer them all. We will try again next year when he returns to Denby!

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