Meet The Team: Caroline - Designer at Denby

Tell us about you and your role here at Denby?

I’m the newest member of our in-house design team and work on Denby shape developments alongside Gary and Tom. I moved to Staffordshire from Ireland 2 years ago for my Ceramic Design MA and was lucky enough to gain a work placement here in Derbyshire.

I travelled from Stoke-on-Trent with colleagues from another department who start super early and so arrived hours before our design team did so they took me on little adventures around our working factory. I dipped Denby Tea Pots and monitored the growth of our clay mountain ‘Mount Denby’ where we have enough to last 20 years at the moment!

What did you originally want to be when you were growing up?

A Flat Jockey! Dolly and I had big plans! We used to win all the races.

What have you worked on at Denby that you’re particularly proud of?

Well I’ve already mastered how everybody takes their brews so have started on some new top-secret projects recently (I’ll be able to tell you more at a later date!). Whilst on my placement, I developed a project I’d worked on at Uni called Brewing Tea Is a Science (below).

Denby has such a rich history that the archives here were a big inspiration to me in both my placement project and MA with patterns such as Epic and Arabesque. Most of my previous work had been glazed with a clear body as I focussed on the shape but working at Denby allows me to bring my designs to life with an amazing glaze library.

Tell us something you discovered last week…

The very day you don’t bring your umbrella, it rains! I’ve also been introduced to a Japanese tea here called Sencha Sakura which is a Green Tea with rose and cherry petals and it’s yummy!

What’s your most embarrassing cooking moment?

I love to cook! I haven’t done anything drastic recently… actually I have a burn on my finger. I’m generally quite clumsy.

What food do you eat the most of?

Nakd Bars and Nakd Nibbles! I’m currently munching their Coconut Bliss flavour.

The best thing about working at Denby is…

The people are great and it’s so exciting to be designing shapes for our beautiful glassware. I get the opportunity to work in both traditional and very technical ways throughout the development stages and work with some of our traditional craftsmen to create initial prototypes before using CAD development and printing models from our 3D printer.

If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?

Lucie Rie. A bit of ‘girl power’ in the pottery world!!

Finally, tell us a joke!...

A sandwich walks into a bar and orders a pint.
Barman says “We don’t serve food”.

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