Meet the Team - Kathryn McAuley, Senior Brand Manager

We're very sad to see you go Kathryn. Tell us about your time here at Denby?

Iíve been part of the Denby team for 13 years in total. It was an exciting time of growth in the nineties when I first began my Denby journey here in Derbyshire. I developed fantastic new products from our original in- house designs.

What have you worked on at Denby that youíre particularly proud of?

When I started in 1992, we essentially sold stoneware items that our Derbyshire factory were able to make. We therefore set up a new product development process to make Denby more design and marketing led.
In 1994 we created a striking range glazed in a superb mesmerising green and named it 'Greenwich' . This was our first range to be presented in both UK stores and international stores simultaneously and caused a huge stir of excitement. Itís still loved and produced in Derbyshire today.

More recently, I was delighted to be involved in the launch of the Denby Heritage Collection which is now an internationally-loved range too and made here in Derbyshire. Iíve also spent time on other brands within the Denby Group such as Monsoon by Denby, Burleigh and Poole. It has been such a privilege to work on all of these well-known brands and to get under the skin of their particular appeal.

Whatís your most embarrassing cooking moment?

I once tried to poach pears in red wine as a dessert for friends. I must have cooked them for about 2 hours in the end and they were still hard as a brick... I have no idea what I did wrong to this day!

Tell us about the last delicious meal you cooked?

I made Beef Bourguignon last week that I had marinated in red wine overnight, it was scrummy!

What food do you eat the most of?

Probably pasta ... it's tasty, quick and the kids always love it.

What were your original career aspirations growing up?

An actress! I now perform as an amateur with Long Eaton Operatic Society - most recently starring as Aunt Eller in 'Oklahoma!'. It was great fun! Especially as my daughter played the lead, 'Laurey'.

If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?

Helen Mirren, my favourite actress!

Finally Kathryn, what have you loved about your time at Denby the most?

The people and the pots! Thereís a lot of passion, drive and enthusiasm amongst the team at Denby. Iíve always loved ceramics too as I collect craft pots so itís been a pleasure to work with such lovely products here at Denby.

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