Meet the Team - Sarah Heaton, Denby Designer

How long have you worked at Denby?
I've had a Denby connection for 21 years, from full time Design Manager to my current role as Design Consultant.

What did you originally want to be when you were growing up?
An Architect! My Dad was a Master Carpenter so I was brought up to make, create and construct. I grew up with plans around the house and as a family, we embarked on our own self-build project. I became side- tracked by ceramics but recently managed to live my architectural aspirations and work on my own self build project.

What have you worked on recently that you’re particularly proud of?
Pushing the boundaries of craft glaze effects in a factory environment; ultimately leading to the launch of the Halo range and the Double Dip Mugs. I've always viewed my role at Denby as a small part of a big factory with lots of complex processes. By working closely with our skilled team, I can push the factory mind-set into making new and beautiful things.

Tell us something you learned in the last week…
I consider it to be a privilege that in my job I learn something every day – whether something small from how the latest team member likes their coffee, to how to stop my latest glaze effect from sticking to the kiln shelf… Something that happens quite frequently and frustrates our kiln team!

What was the last amazing thing you ate?
My last amazing meal was in a sushi bar in Tokyo with a view of the famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing. I was in my socks eating the most amazing sushi of my life. No one spoke English but I was able to make the chef aware of my food allergy and from that moment, every dish was brought to the table as a special gift. It felt as though love had been poured onto my meal and made me feel a million dollars.

What do you eat the most of?
The Denby canteen do a mean daily soup, so that keeps me going at the factory. Living with teenagers at home brings a new challenge every day. The only thing I insist on is that devices are left off and we sit at the table to eat together at least four times a week. Saturday is pizza night and we all get involved as it's one of our family activities. As soon as we've finished our self build we’re going to 'self build' a wood fired pizza oven in the garden!

What's your most embarrassing cooking moment?
The first meal I made as an art student was egg fried rice, no one told me I had to boil the rice first!

If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?
I'm really lucky as I've met a few of my design heroes; Gill Pemberton, Eve Midwinter, Terence Conran and potter Takashi Yasuda. I would have loved to have met potters - Hans Cooper and Lucie Rie. Together, these makers inspired me to create things in clay and years later their work continues to inspire me.

The best thing about working at Denby is…
Being surrounded by passionate potters of all shapes, sizes , age, rank and most of all enthusiasm! I can always rely on the factory tea, to keep me grounded!

Finally, tell us a joke!
"Old potters never die - they just smell that way."

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