Our New Collection, Natural Canvas: Form Without Formality

Our New Collection, Natural Canvas: Form Without Formality</p>

It could be a long, leisurely brunch, Sunday papers jostling with jam jars and coffee cups. It could be a dinner with family or friends, the table heaped with home-cooked comforts. Or it could be a celebration of a smaller, quieter kind – a Friday- night takeaway, enjoyed as you bid farewell to another working week.

Natural Canvas stoneware is designed to fit the way we live and eat today. The simple lines, neutral hue, subtle pattern and unique glaze give each piece a quiet beauty that blends effortlessly into any home. This is a collection made to be enjoyed: as special as the occasion demands, yet durable enough for every day.

A Time-Honoured Craft

It’s also a range with a rich history. Natural Canvas is made in Derbyshire, England, using Denby’s 200-year- old techniques and a firing and glazing process that adds strength as well as a warm, tactile finish. Even today much of the work is completed by hand, meaning each item will vary – pleasingly, ever so slightly – from the next.

A Design With A Story

The design origins of the collection lie in Gill Pemberton’s iconic ‘Chevron’ range of the 1960s. Natural Canvas borrows proudly from the collection’s Scandinavian influences and earthy, hand-applied texture. In doing so, it celebrates the very best of Denby’s contribution to pottery design, and sensitively updates it for modern living.

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