The Limited Edition Marmaduke

This Easter, we have produced a limited number of our classic, novelty Marmaduke bunny rabbits. Available in two exquisite pastel hues, notably Heritage Piazza Pink and Pavilion Blue, the range of Marmadukes have been transformed into collectable money boxes.

We originally crafted the novelty Marmaduke shape in the 1930s alongside a catalogue of around eighty other stoneware animals. They were designed in an array of distinctive matte and gloss colourways including, green, blue, yellow, brown, cream and pink. The brown Marmadukes date back to the 1940s when manufacturing was focused on domestic wares in a restricted range of glazes, due to the impact of the Second World War. After the War, when chocolate was overtly scarce, Marmadukes were given to children as special Easter gifts, in place of the chocolate egg.

Traditionally, the decorative Marmaduke was utilised as a cotton wool dispenser and featured a circular hole instead of a tale. In addition, Marmadukes have also been found on ashtrays, bookends and lamp bases and the largest Marmaduke was historically used as a doorstop. Our Museum, located at the Denby Pottery Village, showcases a number of novelty pieces of the past, including Marmadukes of all sizes.

Our exclusive Easter Marmaduke has been crafted in the largest available size and each figure has been methodically hand- crafted using reproductions of the original Marmaduke mould. As the bunnies have been hand- produced in our evolving Craftroom, the weight and appearance of each piece is marginally different which confirms their individuality.

Although we have previously created stoneware money boxes, Marmaduke has never been designed with this usage. This limited arrangement of Easter Marmaduke bunnies proves to be highly collectable, whilst making an innovative gift.

A finite number of Marmadukes are available here, whilst stocks last.

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