Top Tips for Hosting a Tea Party by Erica Davies

Last month, fashion and interiors blogger Erica Davies, held a beautiful tea party using our Monsoon by Denby Kyoto tableware collection. The party was an oriental array of pattern and colour with the tables filled with fresh flowers, cake stands, glistening glasses and finger foods.

Erica has shared with us her top tips and tricks for holding your very own tea party:

1: Use as many flowers and as much greenery as you can steal from your garden for decoration. We used smaller blooms in Moroccan tea glasses for the centre of the table, with taller sprigs in the teapots.

2: Mix up your sweet food with your savouries there are no rules when it comes to eating at a tea party and its the one time you can eat cake before sandwiches! So I put the sarnies next to cakes on the Kyoto cake stands. I made my own sandwiches (mainly because I was too late for M&S to do it for me!), but bought the cakes. You could always embellish with edible flowers to add your own touch.

3: Offer guests a mix of drinks fizz, non-alcoholic and good old tea. For the non-alcoholics (aka the drivers) I had lovely Elderflower and Rose cordials, or lashings of Ginger Ale (for all you Enid Blyton readers out there). I pimped up ice cubes by adding edible flowers into the trays before freezing which looked so pretty when decanted into the glasses.

4: Try and think outside the box when it comes to your theme. Vintage teas are always a winner, but because the Denby set was inspired by Japan, I mixed the two together for a quirky take on an afternoon tea.

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