How to Shop

How to Place an Order

Choose the items you are looking for by either using the search facility or by selecting your pattern from our list of Product Ranges. To add an item to your basket click on "Add to Basket", remembering to select a colour option or size where appropriate.

Please note that all prices are in Sterling and subject to UK VAT where applicable.

The basket at the top of the screen will tell you how many items you have selected. At any time you can click on the basket to view its contents and proceed to the checkout.

At the checkout you will be asked for your log in details if you are already registered with Denby, or you will be asked to register your email details and create a password. Alternatively you can checkout without registering, although account information and order tracking is available only to registered customers.

You will then be prompted to enter/confirm your payment and delivery addresses. Each screen will have instructions on how to proceed.

Once you have filled in all your details, please click on "Confirm your Order" and the Order Summary will be displayed. Please print it for your reference.

Once your credit card payment has been authorised and your order has been accepted you will receive confirmation of the order by email.

Cards that are accepted

We accept most major credit/debit cards.

Why should I save my payment details?

If you save your payment details it will make your Checkout process easier. Once your payment details are entered, your details will be stored in your account and you will not have to re-enter them again when you make your next order.

Using a promotion code

If you have a promotional voucher/coupon which entitles you to discount off your order, you can enter this on the basket page or the order summary page, which is the final page before you place your order.

Click on the 'Redeem a Promotion Voucher' button on this page (at the bottom of the page listed under 'Additional Options') and enter the code. Any discount that is applicable will then be applied to your order and show as a discount.

Please check the conditions of your voucher if it does not appear to work on your order as some have special conditions.

What is a security code?

The security code (or CVV2 number) on your credit/debit card is a security measure we require for all transactions. Since a CVV2 number is listed on your card, but is not stored anywhere else, the only way to know the correct CVV2 number is to physically have possession of the card itself.

How to find your CVV2 number:

Most credit/debit cards have a three digit CVV2 number on the back of the card, after the card number in the signature strip. The CVV2 number is four digits on American Express cards, where it appears on the front of the card at the top right.


Frequent mistakes

When entering your card details please ensure that you check the following:

  • You have entered the correct card type (eg Mastercard, Visa)
  • You have entered the card number correctly (the card number is the longest number shown on the card)
  • You have used the correct cardholders name
  • You have entered the expiry and valid from dates correctly
  • If you experience problems with entering your payment details please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team.