Denby knows that strength is nothing without beauty. Equally strong and elegant, the popular Halo range is as handcrafted as stoneware comes. The magic begins in the kiln where two tones of a special secret glaze are expertly fused together. Each piece in the range is brought to life using challenging techniques for a truly captivating effect.


The effect of true craftsmanship: the unique Halo effect is a work of art that reflects Denby's time-honoured know-how, balancing contemporary design with longevity and tradition.

"I was determined to showcase the amazing 'craft' capabilities' the factory had used in our history - in a way, back to our roots of pottery and making pots. The time was right as the mood of the designers and artists was moving away from clinical mass-produced to a more honest approach to new products and the way we interact with items from our home." - Designer Sarah Heaton.


Crafted in our Derbyshire factory by our team of skilled craftsmen and women, Halo is both beautiful and durable. Using Derbyshire clay fired at 1200 degrees, Halo has been designed to last. The iconic glaze is eye-catching as well as protecting the range from chipping. With the ability to be used in the oven, microwave and freezer, this collection makes a practical and reliable addition to the home. It is also safe to use in the dishwasher.


The unique glazes and modern shapes of Halo showcase the handmade artisan values of Denby beautifully and the various sizes of plates and bowls ensure it is as great for entertaining as it is for everyday. The recently added oval serving dishes are perfect for serving food, decorating your home and for giving as a gift, and the new occasion sets will add interest to your table and refresh your existing collection.

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