The Art of Entertaining

We have collaborated with food historian Dr Annie Gray, 2,000 of the Great British public and influencers from the world of food, Aimee Twigger, Anna Barnett and The Meringue Girls to produce a report on The Art of Entertaining.

The report explores our modern-day dining habits – revealing everything from what we’re eating and drinking in 2016, through to how we host and what we expect from our guests.

We were delighted to discover that we’re a nation of entertainers – a massive 87% of Brits told us they regularly host friends and family at home, a figure that jumps to 93% within the 24-35 age group, who host dinner parties 3-4 times a month. That’s despite the decline of the separate dining room and the ever-rising age of buying a first house.

However, the way we host has changed quite dramatically; gone are the days of the traditional dinner party, with a standard three courses, dished up onto ‘guest plates’. It seems that us Brits have torn up the entertaining rulebook, giving us a number of different and much more informal set ups, reflective of the way we live today.

Find more information on The Art of Entertaining here, including exclusive recipes from Aimee Twigger, Anna Barnett and The Meringue Girls.
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