Why the Kitchen is the Most Important Room in the House

At the heart of every house is the kitchen. Big or small, itís a welcoming space to meet morning or night to relax or busily prepare food and entertain your family and friends. The latest home trends show that the lounge is no longer the centre of the home, and instead people are opting to enjoy being at home in the kitchen. No longer simply used for cooking, the kitchen is now capable of housing anything from morning coffee with friends, to a weekend dinner party.

Moving away from being a utilitarian space, the kitchen is now a focus for design and allows you to showcase your style and personality. Most recently, kitchens are widely styled as living rooms, with tables and chairs to relax and dine. This desire for living kitchens has seen the introduction of larger kitchens, giving more opportunity to create this appealing area. As modern-day life continues to get faster, casual cooking and eating dominate and this style of kitchen gives us the choice to dine both formally and informally.

Kitchens are now divided into three areas: the cooking area, the dining area and the sitting area. Despite this room changing its traditional role within the house, the emphasis on cooking doesnít show any signs of waning. Making sure that there are enough counters on which to prepare, hold and store food is imperative. Electricals and utilities all have their places, making the kitchen a practical and beautiful place to be.

The kitchen forms part of your lifestyle, whether that involves preparing tea for the kids after school, batch preparing meals on a Sunday night or pouring drinks for friends to enjoy at a party. Itís where children watch and learn their first cooking tips, friends catch-up over food and drink and families spend much-loved time together. As the kitchen space continues to develop, itís clear that this room is one to be treasured, whatever its size.
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