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Dinnerware Sets New


Dinnerware Sets New

  • Heritage Orchard 4 Piece Dinner Set

    1 x Dinner Plate,
    1 x Salad Plate,
    1 x Soup/Cereal Bowl,
    1 x Large Mug


  • Imperial Blue 12 Piece Breakfast Set

    Imperial Blue is composed of locally-sourced clay of the highest-quality. First introduced in 1989, Imperial Blue showcases a bright and beautiful glaze. The perfect Set for breakfasts and brunches, the 12 Piece Breakfast Set is a versatile collection that has been made to last.

    Combining 4 x Coupe Dinner Plates, 4 x Medium Coupe Plates and 4 x Coupe Cereal Bowls, this Set is a must-have for any modern-day kitchen. A durable stoneware range, it can also be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

    was £112.00

    Now £89.60

    Out of Stock

  • Linen 12 Piece Breakfast Set

    Introduced in 2004, Denby’s Linen range is expertly designed and manufactured from locally sourced clay in the heart of Derbyshire. With each piece being hand crafted using expertise passed down by many generations. The Linen range features soothing oatmeal tones to create simplistic elegance to any dining arrangement.

    The 12 Piece Tableware Set contains 4 x Coupe Dinner Plates, 4 x Medium Coupe Plates and 4 x Coupe Cereal Bowls. This range is from the Kitchen Collection and is a great addition to the regular Linen range.


    Out of Stock

  • Halo 12 Piece Breakfast Set

    Halo is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, speckled finish. Produced at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo has been handcrafted to the highest-standard.

    Contents : 4 x Breakfast Plate, 4 x Breakfast Side Plate, 4 x Cereal Bowl


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