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Mug Collection New

Mug Collection New

  • Denby Mug Gift Box

    Height 11.4cm,
    Length / Width 11.9cm


  • Amethyst Fluted Mug

    Capacity 0.3 ltr


  • Regency Green Fluted Mug

    A Denby classic since 1989, the Regency Green range is made in the heart of Derbyshire at Denby Pottery. Composed of quality locally-sourced clay, each piece is handcrafted using expertise passed down by many generations.

    Designed with a durable, low key green glaze, the Regency Green range will add a touch of sophistication to any table setting.


    Out of Stock

  • Greenwich Fluted Mug

    A success for over 20 years, the Greenwich range takes inspiration from emerald jewels. The result is a striking green glaze which makes a sophisticated statement. Greenwich has been designed and crafted at Denby Pottery, in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside.

    The Fluted Mug is a stunning piece, which features a textured exterior which adds character. Ideal for holding milky coffee or green tea.


  • Linen Fluted Mug

    Introduced in 2004, Denby’s Linen range is expertly designed and manufactured from locally sourced clay in the heart of Derbyshire. With each piece being hand crafted using expertise passed down by many generations. The Linen range features soothing oatmeal tones to create simplistic elegance to any dining arrangement.


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