New Ceramica at our Visitor Centre

Imperial Blue is one of our most classic and timeless tableware ranges and twenty-two MA Product Design students from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design were set a challenge to produce a gift vase concept by transforming everyday products into ceramic objects for floral display to sit alongside this iconic range.

Informed by a tour of our pottery site and a visit to our Design Studio, the students presented their final handiwork to our Design Director Richard Eaton and Senior Designer Nicola Bate.

“This is the second year we have worked with the students from Birmingham… we have again been very impressed by the professionalism with which they have tackled the project. Each student has tried to challenge perceptions of what a vase should be and the result is a collection of vessels that display flowers in ways that surprise!” Richard Eaton, Design Director.

Our highly skilled craftspeople have been involved throughout the project, especially in glazing the pieces and making sure the shapes survived the kiln firing! We were so impressed with their ideas that first prizes were awarded to both Elena Matyas (for her Mincer vase concept) and Moritz Amelung (for his oil Can Vase concept). Two runners up prizes went to Jia-qi Zhou (for her Hot Water Bottle concept) and Chang Sung-Ching (for his Coffee Cup Stack Vase concept).

Pop along to our Visitor Centre to see a selection of the work until the 26th May 2011. The exhibition is free!

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