Griddled halloumi and courgettes with tomatoes and pine nuts!


    2tbs olive oil
    2 courgettes, washed
    1 pack halloumi cheese
    Handful cherry tomatoes
    Few handfuls mixed salad leaves
    Few sprigs fresh mint
    Handful pine nuts, toasted if preferred
    Lemon juice
    Black pepper


    Heat griddle on the hob with the ridged side uppermost over a medium heat.

    Halve tomatoes and arrange with the salad leaves onto a platter or bowl.

    Remove the beef and set aside.

    Thinly slice courgettes lengthways, spread on board and drizzle sparingly with a little of the olive oil.

    Take 3 or 4 slices of courgette at a time and cook on the griddle for a few minutes without moving until they start to brown, turn over and leave to cook for a couple more minutes.

    Once griddled on both sides, set aside on a plate and repeat until all the courgette is cooked.

    Slice the halloumi into about 8 pieces and add to hot griddle again searing on both sides (you may need to increase heat a little).

    Arrange courgette slices and halloumi onto the salad and sprinkle with pine nuts.

    Season with pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, then scatter over the mint leaves to serve.

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