Say It With Stripes

Stripes are bold, lively and eye-catching; they have the ability to create a point of interest and add a uniqueness to an interior space. Although the stripe pattern may be interpreted as loud and audacious, they can be found in varying forms and colourways.

Introducing a stripe into your home, whether it is translated through the wallpaper, fabrics or decorative pots and tableware, can transform a room and assert its character. Stripes also help to elongate the space, add a level of depth and transform the mood. Darker stripes, similar to our Jet collection, appear modern and sophisticated, whereas oceanic tones comparable to Peveril, will convey a gentle and harmonious style.

Following a recent trend of clashing prints and patterns, experiment with mixing contrastive stripes together for an impactful look or select one accent stripe and keep the surrounding area simple, to highlight the pattern and create a nonchalant finish. Explore our range of Placemats for some understated striped inspiration. If choosing to produce a mix and match exterior, donít be afraid to combine stripes with florals and checks as the bold lines of colour will complement diverse motifs if evident in parallel shades.

Irrespective of the intensity of stripe, colour or direction, include this linear print within your interior layout and guarantee a chic aesthetic.
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