Stylish Storage

Whether you are in desperate need of storage solutions or simply looking for diverse methods to showcase your finest glass and tableware, we entirely appreciate your rational.

It may be the case that you are in the process of designing a new kitchen or living space, or alternatively, acknowledging a need to change your current interiors. By introducing ingenious storage options, you are able to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

We have collated a number of storage concepts in order to help you create a beautifully practical living space:

Pigeon-holes: build a selection of wooden pigeon-hole squares over an entire wall space or above key areas within the room. The beauty of this symmetrical, squared look is the ability to mix and match the contents and draw attention to significant pieces. By utilising wood, you are able to customise the look further with your preferred colour of paint. This look is also attainable through the use of crates.

Wardrobes: invest in an old or new wardrobe that can be transformed into a shelving unit, with the option to hold drawers. Depending on the final look that you wish to achieve, you may want to select a glass-fronted piece or an open wardrobe. Include plenty of shelves to optimise your storage space and produce a relaxed interior style.

Hooks: methodically attach hooks to build-in shelves, doors or inside cupboards. Hand- pick hooks that accentuate the style of your room and act as a design statement. Hooks allow you to hang almost anything such as, mugs, kitchen utensils, aprons and tea-towels.

Jugs and Jars: style jugs as unique containers and refrain from disposing of jars and instead position them as storage. By adding a simple basket to hold all of your jugs and jars, you can form a simple and stylish storage arrangement. Display your flowers in jugs and hold your cutlery in a jar; a minimalist look which emanates a sense of style and character.

Shelves: this may appear to be an obvious approach, however shelves can have a prominent effect on the overall appearance of a space. Instead of creating a single colour block wall, opt for a shelf wall. With an abundance of shelving, you can decide whether the look is minimalist or buoyant with the number and type of homewares that you display.

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