The Interior Colours of the Year from Pinterest

Pinterest is a must-see for home, interiors and food inspiration. As this visual source continues to provide us with an abundance of unique ideas and beautiful imagery, we have eagerly anticipated their view on this year’s top trending colours. In order to accumulate the most prevalent hues, Pinterest explored the most popular colourways featured within its leading pins.

Pinterest has spoken! The trending interior colours for 2016 have been announced, and here they are:


From accents of grey exhibited across curtains and cushions, to bold, block greys featured on statement walls, grey has been forecast as a key colour for 2016. Ranging from subtle tones, to deep and darker shades, grey is a contemporary colour with an earthy feel. Such tones have the ability to warm up a room and can be utilised to create a relaxed and modern look.

Depending on the size of the room, you are able to experiment with different depths of grey, following the simple rule that small rooms suit lighter shades, and larger rooms be can enhanced with darker tones. Mixing contrastive tones from the same colour palette can work well and varying the grey hues on your walls and furniture can create a distinctive effect.

To capture tones of grey within your tableware, explore our Jet collection with its bold shades and striped pattern. For a chic and simple finish, look at one of our latest collections, Elements in Light Grey. An eternally modern design, this pattern will update your kitchen and give a natural and serene finish. In terms of accessories, slate can add an element of texture and complement any grey colour scheme. Use slate as minimal coasters and table mats to present vases and jugs, centre-pieces as well as tableware.

For an elegant and decorative exterior, choose our Filigree Silver pattern by Monsoon by Denby. A symmetrical design, the delicate silver detailing provides a metallic finish which is a contrast against the soft, cream china. From Dinner Plates to Bowls and Cake Stands, our Filigree Silver collection would make a stunning addition to your home interiors.


A trans-seasonal shade, mauve is the second colour that Pinterest have named as one of their top trending colours for 2016. A cross of warm pinks and cool lilacs combine to produce this vibrant lavender tone which makes an interior statement. Vivid in colour and instantly stylish, mauve is the perfect shade for creating a modern kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Mauve can be easily accompanied with shades of green and blue, and can make a dominate accent hue for the home. Although mauve may initially seem to be a bold colour choice, when displayed against shades ranging from aqua blues to crimson reds, it has a surprisingly stunning effect. For a more refined exterior, showcase purple with cream and soft yellow tones.

For a hint of mauve, explore our opulent Heather collection with its double glazed finish. Each piece of Heather is unique, due to it being hand glazed within our Derbyshire factory. Featuring subtle violet tones which intensify at the edge, Heather is a distinctive tableware range. Statement pieces include the Heather Teapot, Oval Platter and Cereal Bowl.

Perfect for al fresco dining and late-night dinner parties, our Monsoon Cosmic glass collection showcases a rich plum colourway. Display in your table setting for an accentuated splash of colour – the beauty of this tone is enough to brighten the setting without overwhelming the look.

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